The Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) is designed to make relevant, memorable domain names available as soon as possible to the general public.

EAP is available for all Donuts-operated domains and takes the place of a traditional landrush. Historically, the landrush phase for new domains occurred after Sunrise and before general availability (GA), with multiple applications for the same domain name settled by auction after a 30- or 60-day window.

The EAP instead takes place during the first seven days of a domain’s GA. Interested individuals, organizations, businesses and others can register names on a first-come, first-served, non-restricted basis.


Registrars are uniquely positioned to use EAP to reach the most focused and motivated registrants. EAP can be tailored to registrars’ marketing efforts, including marketing to registrants prior to a domain’s launch or accepting “pre-registrations.”

Registrars interested in contracting with Donuts to offer this service may request a technical specification and product description by contacting Donuts.


EAP helps registrants immediately secure the domain names they’ve always wanted.

Likewise, brand owners have an opportunity to obtain non-trademark domain names to help promote and protect brands, or register terms that dominate a market or industry.

Best of all, as all Donuts domains are available on a buy-it-now basis, you can start using your domain immediately after purchase. There's no need to wait before incorporating it into your marketing and promotional materials and campaigns—or even your business cards.


Early access registrations will be made available for the first seven days of a domain name’s general availability. Each day of the EAP will begin at 16:00 UTC and end at 16:00 UTC the following calendar day.

Additional Information

Please contact your Donuts accredited registrar for pricing and further information.


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