Donuts Inc.

How does DPML Plus work?

DPML Plus is an enhancement to our legacy DPML service. For the first time, subscribers may now misspells of their marks and includes the following new features and benefits:*

  • One exact match (SMD file) plus three additional blocked terms that are either misspells or contains the exact match;
  • 10-year term;
  • Blocks all names across all Donuts' TLDs—both standard and premium names;
  • Unlimited overrides (no wholesale override fees);
  • Third parties with the same trademark may not override a DPML Plus block without the consent of the applicable DPML Plus block holder;
  • The option to block more than three additional misspells or contains for an additional fee.

How long will DPML Plus be available?

DPML Plus is a three month promotion that runs from October 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016.

How does a mark holder buy a DPML Plus?

Mark holders must first register their mark(s) with the Trademark Clearinghouse ("TMCH"). The mark(s) must be registered according to the “use” standard. Once the TMCH validates a mark, it will issue a signed mark data file ("SMD File") that should be used to submit a DPML Plus block through a Donuts accredited registrar.

How many TLDs will DPML Plus protect?

Donuts estimates it will operate approximately 200 TLDs. A full listing of Donuts TLDs is shown here. Each DPML Plus block applies across all TLDs operated by Donuts and cannot be applied to a subset of Donuts TLDs.

What is the value of the DPML Plus program to the trademark owner?

Powerful: Allows brand owners to protect their exact match plus three additional terms that can be misspells or contains.

Flexible: The program allows trademark holders to protect terms in all Donuts TLDs while retaining the ability to register specific domains during or after Sunrise.

Simple: A one time purchase protects a mark plus three additional terms for ten years. Domains blocked by DPML Plus are not live on the Internet and therefore don’t require the involvement of your IT team.

Affordable: Costs brand owners significantly less than if they choose to defensively register terms.
*Additional terms may apply to DPML Plus. Please contact your accredited registrar for details.

Are there any exclusions?

Previously Registered Domains: A term will not be blocked in any TLD where that term is already registered as a domain.

Does DPML Plus block Premium Domain Names?

Yes! Your DPML Plus now will block premium domain names.

What if I’ve already purchased a Donuts DPML? Can I still purchase DPML Plus?

Yes! Current DPML block-holders can convert their legacy DPML service into DPML Plus to receive the enhancements provided under DPML Plus (as described above), including extending a block for ten years. As a courtesy, Donuts is offering a discount to DPML customers who upgrade to DPML Plus.

Is there Whois output for DPML Plus?

Yes, the Whois output identifies the DPML Plus block holder for the blocked domain and states that the domain is blocked from registration.

Do DPML Plus account holders need be current in the TMCH?

Yes. The trademark should remain current in the TMCH throughout the life of the DPML Plus block. Donuts may elect to remove a DPML Plus block for certain domains if the corresponding mark is not kept current in the TMCH.

Are there character limitations?

One and two character terms are not permitted. Three character terms may be permitted at the discretion of the registry.