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Not-Com News Roundup: October 2016

Want to keep up with the latest not-com news? Here’s what you need to know:

More than DPML Plus new domains have now been registered, and last month Donuts opened ‘dot-doctor’ (.doctor) for general availability.

Donuts recently announced the launch of DPML Plus, a limited-time promotion that builds on our legacy Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) program.

Google launched its new corporate blog on a not-com web address.

It was announced that Donuts is collaborating with Google on its next-generation domain name registry back-end service

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Industry and Donuts Growth

  • Total new domain names registered through October 30, 2016: 24.9 million
  • Total new registrations across Donuts domain names through October 30, 2016: 2,557,835
  • Number of new not-com domain options: 1,188
  • New not-com domain options currently available to the general public: 501
  • New not-com domain options available, through Donuts, to the general public: 192

Donuts Enhances Protections for Brand Owners with DPML Plus

Last month, Donuts announced the launch of DPML Plus, a three-month promotion that builds on our legacy Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) program. DPML is an innovative service that allows trademark owners to protect their marks and related terms across all of Donuts’ TLDs at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the same terms. 

The limited-time DPML Plus promotion will allow brand owners to:

  • Block their marks and mark-related terms from registration for an initial 10-year period.
  • Block one exact match term and three additional strings (legacy DPML covers one string) that contain their mark or common misspellings of the mark (further “contains” or misspelled terms beyond these three strings are available to block for an additional fee).
  • For the first time, block their marks in premium second-level domains across all Donuts’ gTLDs.

Registration for DPML Plus is open from now until December 31, 2016. Check out the following posts for more information on DPML Plus and how to register:

Donuts Collaborates On Google's Next-Generation Domain Name Registry Back-End Service

It was recently announced that Donuts has evaluated and is contributing code to Google’s Nomulus platform, which is a domain name registry back-end system that was released by the tech giant last month. A registry back-end system performs the critical functions that are necessary for a domain name registry to fulfill its technical obligations in running a top-level domain.

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Google Launches Corporate Blog on a Not-Com

Google took another step in the not-com direction last month by launching its new corporate blog on the web address: This is part of a bigger branding trend for the company, who earlier this year migrated its domain name retail business from “” to Additionally, Google’s new parent company Alphabet uses the web address:

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Busting the Myths of Not-Com Domain Names

Even though not-coms are rapidly growing in popularity, there are still some myths floating around that need busting. Donuts’ Maris Callahan straightens out the facts on not-coms, including impacts on search rankings and business credibility.

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Donuts Launches .Doctor

Donuts recently announced the newest addition to its not-com portfolio: ‘dot-doctor’ (.Doctor). The .Doctor extension opened for general availability on October 26, and with this latest launch, Donuts now operates 191 not-com domain extensions that are open for registration to public.

Check out more information on .Doctor here.

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