Donuts Inc.

Donuts Adjusting Pricing for Ten gTLDs

Effective October 1, 2016, Donuts will upwardly adjust, by approximately 50%, the standard wholesale price for registrations in the following, ten TLDs:


While Donuts’ wholesale pricing is not made public, future registrants are likely to encounter adjusted retail pricing from registrars from that date forward. Names registered at the new wholesale rate will also renew at that new wholesale rate. Donuts is making these adjustments to more accurately reflect the value of registrations in these attractive gTLDs.

IMPORTANT FOR EXISTING REGISTRANTS: The wholesale renewal pricing for existing registrations, registered before October 1, 2016, will remain unchanged. Those registrations will continue to renew at the non-adjusted wholesale rate. Premium-priced names also are unaffected—only our standard-priced names in the above-listed ten TLDs are impacted. Subscribers to our Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) are also unaffected. Those subscriptions will remain in place with no pricing change.

This is Donuts’ first change in pricing since we began launching our gTLDs in 2014. We understand the operational complexities of such changes, so have elected to make them carefully and methodically, with sufficient notice to our registrar partners. Registrants with questions regarding pricing for any Donuts gTLD should contact their registrars for additional information.